professional supervision

Booking Information

  • Once you have purchased a session you will be given information to get in touch and arrange a date and time for your session. 

  • It is preferred that Child Consultation sessions are conducted face to face only.

  • Please note that once your appointment time and date have been confirmed, we have a 48 (forty-eight) hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations less than 48 hours prior to an appointment, or any no-shows will be charged. Any requests to reschedule less than 48 hours prior to an appointment, cannot be guaranteed and the original appointment will incur a charge unless under exceptional circumstances.



Professional Supervision is a service that caters for the professional needs of Social Workers who wish to undergo supervision for development. Holistic Journey has an experienced Supervisor who provides up to date, effective and adequate amount of supervision for the on-going professional development and growth of the Social Worker or Counsellor.


The number of sessions a supervisee would require would depend on their professional need, while for others their need for supervision would depend on the requirement of their specific area of expertise.


However standard sessions requirements are twice a month for new graduates and once a month for experienced Social Work professionals.