This service is provided to cater for the needs of children from 5 to 12 years. Lydia Gah is a trained social worker and counsellor and the service that she provides deals with issues affecting children in that age bracket who maybe dealing with emotional issues due to pressure with their school work, bullying and isolation at school, parent’s marriage break-up, alcohol and drug addiction of either one or both parents.

Sessions are for one hour and must be booked in advance. Minimum session for this service is for a minimum of two and three sessions depending on how a child is travelling and participating in the therapeutic work.

Booking Information

  • Once you have purchased a session you will be given information to get in touch and arrange a date and time for your session. 

  • It is preferred that Child Consultation sessions are conducted face to face only.

  • Please note that once your appointment time and date have been confirmed, we have a 48 (forty-eight) hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations less than 48 hours prior to an appointment, or any no-shows will be charged. Any requests to reschedule less than 48 hours prior to an appointment, cannot be guaranteed and the original appointment will incur a charge unless under exceptional circumstances.

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