survive & thrive

Lydia is someone whose life mission is to serve those who find themselves in vulnerable situations such as domestic and family violence. As a survivor herself, she knows first hand just how hard it is to deal with the abuse you are enduring. For, and on behalf, of abused women and children, Lydia has written a book about her 12 year journey of abuse. The book has been published but there’s more to do to bring it to accomplishment and this is where Lydia needs the help of those who strongly believe that ABUSE of anyone, especially Women and Children is wrong, very wrong - to participate in the fund raising drive.

Your support is very much appreciated and acknowledged.


In my book I share my story of pain, loneliness, humiliation and loss of human dignity —a journey spanning over 12 years of marriage. But it is also a story of steadfast courage, an unceasing determination at all costs to reach a final destination when I decided enough was enough and walked away with joy and gladness in my heart. That day was when I reclaimed my life and my freedom.


The purpose of the book is not to blame, but rather to serve to inspire abused women and children to take charge of their own lives by educating them about what they can do and the strategies they can apply amidst the tough times they face, to stay strong and to take decided action and wisdom to seek out services available to them. It is also to encourage victims to understand domestic violence for what it is and to take proactive action in challenging the status quo and most importantly to be the voice for positive change in their communities and respective countries.


Do not underestimate the courage you have in you. You never know how courageous and resilient a person you are until you are pushed further into a corner.

Lydia Garua Gah