your journey

Your journey is my business. Through holistic journey I will endeavour to walk with you and support getting you where you desire to go. I do this by developing specific and tailored sessions for you to suit your specific need. This means different client will have different approaches and interventions tailored to their own needs.


My role in your journey is to train you to think and view life differently, guide, encourage, and empower you. I will give you the skills and strategies to enable you to apply them  in your life moving forward.​Intervention with my clients is from holistic and strength based approaches – one that considers the totality of the human person. This approach stems from the believe that a human person as three aspects to his/her being, the mind, body and soul.


Many years in the role of counsellor has shown me that unless these three important and integrated aspects are unpacked and dealt with, unresolved issues are often not unearthed and dealt with effectively, thereby leaving the client with no long term healing - mentally, spiritually or physically. This is often the case with a generalised counselling approach.